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Creamiest? How?

Creates a vortex that blends ingredients more efficiently with less leftovers.

As every ingredient requires special treatment, the MioMat has 3 plant-based milk programs with different heating and grinding times for RAW, Cooked and Soy milk. 

This ensures the best flavor and consistency while keeping all nutrients intact. 

Save the environment, kitchen space and money !

The MioMat’s heating system also enables preparation of soups and porridges. 

This makes the MioMat more than just a milk maker – its your ultimate plant-based diet helper! 

The MioMat's
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What do people think about the ultimate plant-milk maker? 

The MioMat is so awesome that some people even tried to marry it. (some people already have!) 

Overall Rating

MioMat lovers

I love plant milk but the normal, time consuming preparation prevented me from enjoying it everyday. With the MioMat, it’s so easy that I drink it everyday now 🙂 

Emilio Edwards – Actor

For many people, the excuse for not eating healthy is they don’t have time, but the MioMat has changed this. 

Roberta Rebori – Artist @robertareboriphoto  

For me the Miomat was love at the first sight. It has allowed me to experiment in the kitchen in an innovative way like no other machine could.  

Yasmin Rebolledo – Healthy Blogger 

You just can’t beat the taste of fresh, homemade milk. Since I am lactose intolerant I like to make almond and walnut plant milk for a creamy cappuccino. Just put in the ingredients, and voila! 

Rulo Cantante – Music Producer 


Boxed almond milk only contains 2% of real almonds – the rest is thickeners, artificial flavourings and preservatives. 

It’s more expensive not to mention the environmental impact of single-use boxes. 

Go homemade and drink the real thing! 

MioMat over
the years

The MioMat has been on the market for over 9 years and has undergone multiple updates.

Learn more about the origin of the MioMat.

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